About Me

LilyHow it all started…

Hi everyone, my name is Liliana and I became passionate about crafts thanks to “four reasons”,  two boys and two girls:).  I had my children very close in age, with only a four and a half year difference (from the first to the last). So most of the time it felt like I had way more than I could handle.  But all the hard work always had its rewards. 🙂

My family and I recently made a big decision that hopefully will change our lives.  As we all know, in this day and age it is very difficult to be a working parent while raising our children and keeping up with society.  It’s exhausting just writing it.  That’s where we were and it wasn’t working for our family.  And just like most parents, if not all, we want what’s best for our children.  So we packed everything and moved upstate, where life is definitely at a different pace.   While we’re all adjusting very well to more peaceful living, I’ve been able to spend more time doing what I love, (besides being a mom) doing crafts.

My goal…

My goal is to help parents by providing the resources they need to create unforgettable craft times with their children.  Here at LoveFourCrafts I will prepare lists for easy crafts, craft kits, links, and more.  I will help you create simple craft kits with simple materials.  Craft kits have helped me a whole lot and I think they can help you as well.  These kits are great for when your child needs to express his/her creativity, or if you need to keep them entertained during a long outing.

I am always thrilled to hear from you and how crafts have helped you and your child.  Email me or leave a comment and remember to check back often as I am always updating with more crafts and ideas.

Thank You for stopping by,

Liliana (Lily)
Founder of LoveFourCrafts.com

P.S.:  Craft time…when memories are made to last a lifetime!!