DIY Craft Kits for Kids…Why you NEED Them!

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DIY Craft Kits for Kids

How often does your child ask you for something to do while you’re in the middle of an important phone call?… And you say to yourself if only I had some crafts handy for him/her to do.  A DIY craft kit is great for times like this.  Craft kits are also great to have on hand for long car rides, (no more, “are we there yet?”).

It’s simple, all you need is a box (with a lid for easier storage, ex. shoe box or fruit cup box), have your child help you decorate it.  Choose supplies from the list below or add items that you have around the house.  You don’t need a lot of materials in each kit, just enough to make a few crafts.  You can also make a kit with a theme in mind  (ex. your child’s favorite character).  Make a couple of kits and store them away, then just grab one and go.

If you need more help with your kit let me know, email me I’ll be glad to help.

Craft supplies
for a craft kit…

Glue/Glue stick
Safety scissors
Paint brushes
Googly eyes
Popsicle sticks
Paper plates
Construction paper
Toilet paper roll
Tissue paper
Any box to hold supplies (ex. shoe box)

Encourage your child to be creative. Let them do anything their mind desires (with the craft kit that is). Don’t worry about it being the right or wrong way, give them a kit and watch the magic. (While still supervising, of course)

If your child has a hard time thinking of something himself, don’t let that discourage him. Just include a few craft ideas in the kit that he can choose from.

silly-hair-puppetsClick image (silly hair popsicle stick puppets)

marshmallow-shootersClick image (a.k.a. pom-pom popper) (this is my boys favorite 🙂
(try using a toilet paper roll instead of the clear container and you can switch the marshmallows for pom-poms, we ran out of marshmallows really fast…lol)

i-spy bottleClick image (i-spy bottle)


finger puppetsClick image (finger puppets)

* The list above is simply an example of some materials you can add to your craft kit.  If you think there is something on the list that is not safe  or age appropriate for your child, please do not include it in his/her kit.

I would love to see what you and your child have created.  Feel free to email me or share a picture of your child’s creation in the comment section.