How Can Crafts Benefit Children?

As crafts became a bigger part of my family’s routine, I asked myself, how can crafts benefit children? So I decided to do a more in-depth research on their benefits.  It turns out there are many great benefits for a child’s development while they’re engaged with crafts.

Here are a few of the developmental skills children will benefit from while working with crafts.


1. Patience

Sometimes while crafting it is important that steps are followed in the correct order. Learning to wait for glue or paint to dry, for example, can be an effective way to teach children the importance of being patient.


2. Focus and Concentration

While crafting, preschoolers learn to focus and minimize distractions while mastering the use of scissors, glue, and other crafting materials. Completing a craft project from start to finish requires concentration as well.


3. Following Directions

Being able to understand and follow directions is a skill that will be needed and used throughout life as a child prepares for grade school and beyond. Encouraging children to make their own creative choices along the way (while still following directions) can help foster their imagination too.


4. Fine Motor Skills

Drawing, picking up objects, cutting with scissors, turning pages in a book and pinching objects between fingers can all be used while crafting to build a child’s developing fine motor skills.


5. Early Problem-Solving Skills

Early problem-solving skills can be taught by experimenting with craft materials and troubleshooting a project that does not turn out quite as expected. Do you have all of the materials needed to complete the craft? If not, is there something that could be substituted in its place?  Ask the child to solve these problems on his/her own.


6. Family Bonding Time

One of the most important benefits is the bond that is created by spending quality time together as a family.  Years from now, it won’t matter what your child created, just that you did it together, and these memories will last a lifetime.


How you can help…
The best way to help children develop their creativity is to let them be creative.  Not that you don’t need to be a parent and ensure their safety or share what you know. But give them a craft with basic instructions and let your child’s creativity show.   By completing crafts successfully it will give your child a great sense of accomplishment and pride.  Make sure you initially choose crafts that are at your child’s skill level.Crafts are fun, so don’t forget to be silly, play, laugh and learn.

Crafts are fun, so be silly, play, laugh and learn.



2 thoughts on “How Can Crafts Benefit Children?

  1. Summerly November 10, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    I think all these points are true and very good reasons why children should make crafts. I think following directions would be the most important, although all these points are important and beneficial and will help the child in the future.
    I always liked making crafts when I was younger with my mom and sister. I have even found some of them now, years later, and they bring back good memories.

  2. Lily Ferreira November 18, 2016 at 9:38 am

    I’m glad you were able to hold on to some of your crafts from your childhood. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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